12 Week Empowerment Package

Attracting, engaging and securing support for your cause takes more than a website or an email campaign. You need a coherent campaign plan: a digital strategy around content, social media and search; relevant tactics; and, the right technology tools to enable it. Many nonprofits engage the services of a specialized digital agency to help, but most digital agencies charge too much for just one campaign - and you have to bring them back in every time the plan needs to be adjusted or repeated.

How about a new effective - and cost-effective - approach which would be repeatable without the recurring agency fee?

Take advantage of the 12 Week Empowerment Package!

We've designed a 12-week, intensive program that combines a high-touch, one-on-one, "agency approach" level of service, in conjunction with a small group learning series for digital marketing education.  We help you be successful today - and teach you how to fly solo for the future. This isn't just training, this is professional development for your team focused on learning that leads to results. 

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Check out what you will receive from the package:

Custom Site on a Nonprofit Engine

A Content Management System tailored to your organization. Fully packed with features:

  • Volunteer Management
  • Analytics
  • Landing Pages
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Donation Pages and Event Pages (tied in from best-of-breed services such as EventBrite)
$120,000 of Google AdWords & Use Plan

Google Grants gives each eligible 501c3 organization $10k per month of free digital marketing in AdWords. We'll help you:

  • Navigate the application process
  • Understand how to use for best effect
  • Develop tactics and plans for your specific goals
Specific Social Media Strategy

A Tailored Digital Campaign Strategy leveraging your messages and targeted for your potential supporters built by SocialRaise. You'll also receive $200 worth of advertising to spend across:

  • Facebook ads/boosted posts
  • LinkedIn ads/sponsored updates
Social Media Professional Development

Skills developed that will enable your team to replicate success on your own in the future by participating in a digital media professional development series to:

  • Augment current knowledge of digital media elements / tactics
  • Successfully measure and manage your digital campaigns
  • Free you from having to hire an agency to do it for you in the future!

So what happens during those 12 weeks?

A combination of two or more of these elements are happening each week:

  • Individual meetings with you and your team to discuss your organization's needs/plans and to make specific decisions together for your deliverables (site; campaign; etc.)
  • Small Group Learning Sessions with your designated team members and the teams from 2-4 other nonprofits to learn about the major elements of digital marketing (content; search; social media; etc.) and how to incorporate into a coherent plan
  • Your "to-do's" for the week to enable the building of your custom deliverables (decisions to be made; information to be supplied; etc.)
  • SocialRaise "to-do's" for the week to create your custom deliverables (AdWord set developed; technology to be built; analysis to be done; etc.)

Check out the week-by-week timeline and description: