Who We Are.

So you have an organization. It may be a nonprofit with a great cause, or a major brand trying to get in front of the masses. We think we're really good at taking that nudging dream that keeps you awake at night, and turning it into something tangible. We're marketers at the core, and use technology to make great things happen. It's usually a mix of social, web, search and nicely crafted content that goes into all of our solutions.

How are we different? I guess we're all asked that, right? Well, we're a small team of around 10 people who've helped nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars to build amazing things; and, have helped Fortune 100 companies shape how people work, play and live. Anyone can build a site, start a Facebook page, fine-tune content, and other digital things.  The value comes from us knowing your organization as well as one of your own analysts. We put all of those together with supporting technology, and then extraordinary things happen.

If you have an idea and need a partner to make it happen, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a ring or shoot us an email. If we don't think we can help you, then we'll do our best to point you to someone who can.

So, let's get started. Let's build stuff together that will make a difference.


Kevin LaManna - Principal

Kevin's the guy that's responsible for overall project strategy and oversight. Graduating from Miami University studying an odd mix of information systems and piano performance, he's always been interested in the intersection of technology and creativity. After graduating, he worked at General Electric working on banking systems in Thailand, India, U.K., Singapore and Denmark. After spending a few years overseas, Kevin spent four years leading technology projects at Merrill Lynch in Chicago. After this, Kevin spent two years at Roundarch working with brands and organizations such as Nystrom, United States Air Force and Northern Trust.

In 2008, Kevin created a music app that allowed teachers to manage the ins and outs of their business from one central location. Two years later, this small app led to the creation of our agency, SocialRaise. Since the launch of SocialRaise in 2008, Kevin's worked on hundreds of projects from small nonprofits all the way to Fortune 100 brands. In short, he loves this stuff.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys keeping active with triathlons, playing piano, and enjoying the great city of Chicago.

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Cassie Dennis - Sales & Marketing Director

Cassie has loved words painting stories about people and all the things they can accomplish since she first learned to read at age 4--and that hasn't changed much in 50 years.  Along with an ongoing love affair with computer technology (since 1969 when she was in 6th grade), she thought she'd study to be an engineer, but realized she preferred learning about how people work interact with each other, and leverage technology.  Result: a degree in Experimental Psychology (or as her friends call it, "a degree in the science of people watching") from Northeastern University in Boston - and an extensive career helping organizations tell their stories to drive success.

How did Cassie get involved with nonprofits?  That has been a lifelong, deeply engrained relationship, too - as a business partner, a volunteer, a funder, and an activist.   Their passion and work has inspired her since she was a small child and that respect infuses her work with clients today.

When not working, Cassie still loves to read, plus also enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching TV/movies, cooking, acting/singing and volunteering.

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Amy Nedoss - Business Solution Lead

Amy leads the strategic direction and business development for business solutions. As a 20-year marketing veteran and former People’s Choice Award “Marketer of the Year” nominee, Amy applies her experiences from various industries and with brands such as American Girl, Hyatt and Saks Fifth Avenue, to bring a strong focus to the company. Amy’s focus is on strategic partnerships, cultivating client relations and long-term vision to deliver a relevant hybrid customized service for clients.

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Michael Varouhas - Design Lead

Mike's the guy that will be leading the design efforts on the project. Graduating with a degree in Art, Animation and Design at Art Institute of Seattle, he's been creative his entire life and is always up for a new challenge. Mike's talents go quite far beyond just graphic design, but also is stellar at typography, animation, photography and videography. As communication deserves muliple touchpoints, Mike's design solutions ensures different touchpoints are covered. Mike has been instrumental on many of our Yamaha projects as well as creating a lot of the marketing communications for Retrofit Chicago. 

Mustafa Khattab - Development Lead

Mustafa is a software developer and leads our software development team. Mustafa is passionate about building software architectures and optimizing team processes. When he’s not building something awesome in Python, he’s likely writing code for his favorite microcontrollers like the Microchip PIC and TI MSP430. When he’s not coding, he enjoys giving talks at his local developer meet ups.