Eradicating homelessness in Massachusetts


As organizer, coordinator and resource, The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless’ work is focused on finding that common ground among those delivering essential services today--while laying the groundwork to prevent homelessness in the future.  But how do you enable direct service providers in the field, public policy makers in city hall and the state house, advocates across the Commonwealth, while educating the public--and potential supporters?

How do you enable an organization whose members have disparate communication needs?

With each of those people’s needs in mind, SocialRaise created a central resource—a content management system accessible from a custom website. This allows service providers embedded in the neighborhoods to access information and resources across agencies for their clients—while providing a more widespread platform online for education, attracting support, and delivering the message.

The Massachusetts Coalition for Homelessness is a pioneer with a proven track record—and the technological capabilities to support their mission.

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"SocialRaise developed a perfectly tailored solution to manage our museum’s executive committees. Everything is beautifully simple for our committee members to use and for us to maintain. From concept through training the team was efficient, thorough and an absolutely pleasure to work with." - Steven Beasley, Director of Digital Media, Museum of Science and Industry