Free Seminar Series: The first of this three part series entitled "Look Ma---No Hands!" will take place on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 from 8-10 am at the Charter One Offices at 71 S. Wacker Drive in Chicago.

SocialRaise works with organizations everyday on raising the level of engagement as a second stage in getting people to give of their time or money to help organizations achieve their mission – this stage comes after Awareness and before Fundraising.

Chances are you've heard of "this Pinterest thing" that's become the new social media cool kid on the block. It's now the third largest social media site and the 16th most popular site on the web.

While chatting with nonprofits, we've been asked how they can use Pinterest to help their organizations. Here are 7 tips on how nonprofits can start using Pinterest to raise awareness, impact and fundraising.

What do homeless advocacy, access to fresh food in under-served neighborhoods, rare disease patient groups, neighborhood schools and chamber choirs have in common?

They are all using digital tools to raise awareness, raise engagement and raise funds.

Launching a Non-Profit to Drive Awareness and Care for Those Afffected by Adrenal Insufficiency

"You have no idea of the impact this can make--the lives we can save! I talk to people every day who are suffering because no one understands and they can't find a doctor who can treat their condition. With this partnership, we can begin to change that," said Jennifer Knapp, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Adrenal Insufficiency United (AIU) on launching the new non-profit, and, how the social media strategy and technology from SocialRaise, a digital agency for non-profits, can help those affected by Adrenal Insufficiency.

So what is "Adrenal Insufficiency?"

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