With orchestras vanishing left and right and full-time positions for instrumentalists becoming quite scarce, many classical artists are taking the road less traveled (and, let's face it, less preferred) in order to succeed.

Georgia native and former horn player Vince Ford grew up watching the New York Philharmonic on "Live from Lincoln Center" and connected with the ensemble at a young age. Now he is in a unique position to affect change within this highly visible organization. The New York Philharmonic stands among the elite in the classical music world, alongside the likes of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic. These orchestras have rich histories that date back more than 120 years. The Director of Digital Media position, however, is not even four years young, yet it will play an integral part in the Philharmonic's fight to survive, adapt and thrive in the ever-changing digital dot-com age. We had a chance to speak with Vince and talk about his work, his ideas and his vision for orchestras.

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