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Launching a Non-Profit to Drive Awareness and Care for Those Afffected by Adrenal Insufficiency

"You have no idea of the impact this can make--the lives we can save! I talk to people every day who are suffering because no one understands and they can't find a doctor who can treat their condition. With this partnership, we can begin to change that," said Jennifer Knapp, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Adrenal Insufficiency United (AIU) on launching the new non-profit, and, how the social media strategy and technology from SocialRaise, a digital agency for non-profits, can help those affected by Adrenal Insufficiency.

So what is "Adrenal Insufficiency?"

iscream4reading, a literacy focused fundraising organization has partnered with SocialRaise, a Chicago-based digital agency on a program that enables schools to focus their funding efforts on student learning. Schools are able to replace or augment their current fundraising efforts with a single program that inspires reading, while raising funds.

“After the financial success of this first year, and hearing about the staggering number of hours kids read over the summer, I can’t imagine our school will ever go back to the other fundraisers,” says Steven Slaughter, a Chicago Public School teacher.

Acromegaly Community ( launched a new web-based community platform designed to provide information, support and personal interactions to patients coping with the rare disease. Within a month, the site had over 200 members sharing stories, tips and experiences as well as new donations, a book for sale and even selling tickets to their community events.

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