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SocialRaise works with organizations everyday on raising the level of engagement as a second stage in getting people to give of their time or money to help organizations achieve their mission – this stage comes after Awareness and before Fundraising.

Chances are you've heard of "this Pinterest thing" that's become the new social media cool kid on the block. It's now the third largest social media site and the 16th most popular site on the web.

While chatting with nonprofits, we've been asked how they can use Pinterest to help their organizations. Here are 7 tips on how nonprofits can start using Pinterest to raise awareness, impact and fundraising.

In working with various kinds of non-profit organizations (large, small, healthcare, education, etc) SocialRaise gets asked about the return on investment of online fundraising. Our first answer is always, online fundraising is more than just a "donate here" button on your website. Real fundraising is the same in person, by phone/mail or online. You need to have a plan, engage your constituents and manage the relationship carefully. So, the short answer is yes, it is worth the effort, but only if you do it properly.

What do you do when you have a dog who is so sick he won't or can't eat? Well you get creative and that is exactly what Bobbye Cochran and her daughter did when their dog Sophie came down with Addisons Disease and lost her appetite. This experience sparked an idea - which in turn helps out other animals.

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