Nonprofit CRM - Connecting with Your Donors, Volunteers and Constituents

Live session has passed - Presentation Content Available, Nonprofit CRM - Connecting with Your Donors, Volunteers and Constituents,

You probably have a "database" with information on your donors.  But what about all the other people who are part of your mission - volunteers, staff, program participants and service providers?  Does your nonprofit CRM system give you a 360 degree view of all your people?

A Customer or Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system should help you succeed in better communicating with everyone who is connected to your organization. Most CRM systems for nonprofits focus strictly on donors - but even for those important people to your organization, you don't get a complete view of how they connect with you.  Do they also volunteer?  Do they have a member of their friends or family for which you also provide services? is the leader in business-to-business CRM, but did you also know they give $15,000 per year worth of their nonprofit software to each eligible nonprofit/NGO at no cost?   They have adapted their award-winning software to fit nonprofits' needs and created an entire community of users across the world. 

Join us for this FREE webinar where we will use to learn:
  • What are some of the ways you can leverage a CRM system for managing: volunteers, grants, donors, sponsors and programs.
  • How to assess your current people database(s) to understand if you are maximizing your current investment--or if it has outlived its usefulness to you.
  • Things to think about if you are considering replacing or creating a new CRM.

SESSION ENDED - We'll be scheduling some future dates soon.

Let us know if there's something in particular that you'd like us to cover...

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